We’re a bunch of Gals (and Guys!) who love pretty things! But we don’t like paying an arm and a leg for them. We figure most people don’t, and that’s where Gal’s Garage comes in. We jokingly like to say “We save marriages.” We build the things that are on your Honey to do list…but “Honey” doesn’t have time to do. We make all your Pinterest dreams come true!

How It All Started

We started out in a garage…literally! As an interior designer, Rachel was paying astronomical amounts for barn doors for her clients. She knew there had to be a better way, and so she asked some people to help her make a few. Well a few turned into a few hundred within weeks. They soon outgrew the garage. Rachel likes to joke: “This is what happens when you take over your husband’s garage….he builds you your own!” And so Gal’s Garage was born.

FAQ #1 – Is it all Women?

No! We’re an equal opportunity employer. 🙂 We are unique in that we’ve attracted a high percentage of incredible women to our team, and that makes us unique — especially in our industry. However, all genders are welcome at the Gal’s Garage. And everyone secretly likes pink.

All About

Our Products

We like to build fun, unique, beautiful, and quality products at a price that normal, everyday people can afford. We grew up in homes where we learned the value of hard work, and the worth of each dollar earned. We love offering custom products to people at a fraction of what the competitors are asking them for. If you want to go spend 10x more on a “name brand”, be our guest. But for the other 99% of you, our “barn” doors are always open — and I think you’ll find them to be as good or better than the black label quality.

Learn About

Our Philosophy

Well, we kinda stole this one from an extremely successful entrepreneur who we tend to think is right on point. When creating a wonderful business, Marcus Lemonis focuses on 3 main factors….the same ones we do: 1) The People 2) The Product 3) The Process.

Our people are amazing! We sincerely love each other and have one another’s backs at Gal’s Garage. We love what we do and we get giddy happy seeing your inspirations become a reality in your home. Our customers become our friends through the process, and we like it that way!

Our Products are amazing! We design the things we would want in our own homes. We take real life problems and find real life solutions to them…and then share them with you. Whether it’s a bathroom that has no door, or an ugly wire crate in the middle of your family room, we have a solution for that.

Our Process is amazing! We have a team that personally sees your order through from start to finish. Everyone from the designers, engineers, carpenters, and shop manager

Let's Get Started

We’re happy to get your project in our queue. You can get started by calling us at (385) 209-0102 or by filling out the form below: