Dog Kennels

Each Kennel is Customized and Designed by You

We offer a variety of styles for your door(s). We also allow you to specify the placement of your door(s) and overall design of your kennel. The top is a chunky wood, nearly 2” thick, and can be grooved for a decorative planking design.

A finish is included in the price of all kennels and is a high quality 2-tone finish. A variety of paint and stain options are available. All kennels come with a track systems– including an upper track and lower guide made of steel to prevent the doors from moving when your puppy decides to test them out. A set of hangers or wheels will be mounted on your barn door to allow it to slide easily across the track. They also come with locks for your door(s). You can also customize or upgrade your handles as well. Steel bars are used in all our construction to prevent any chewing.


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